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Noval Macher
we are an outsourcing company based at India e on sale of Pet coke, cocking coal, Anthracite coal, met coke, steam coal etc for Industry purchasers,you can deal with the seller direct. We are eligible for the marketing fee only. We also sell DRI Pellets,HBI,PIG Iron,sponge iron.lead/Zinc/alumnium ingots and ferro metals.Iron ore, copper ore, chrome ore, lead ore, Manganese ore, Bauxite ore,bitumen, titanium ore. Also sugar, beet sugar, de gummed rape seed oil, crude Jethropha oil, Bio diesel,C4 Raffinate,Liquid ethylene Glycol 99.95,etherifiled,Rape seed Oil Mixed Aromatics. Also HMS and Used rail. Also Wheat, yellow corn

Noval Macher
Trivandrum Kerala

Contact : R.Venugopalan Nair
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