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EXPIRED LISTING - submitted on 2017-05-12.
Details and prices quoted are no longer current or valid.
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Forged Steel Grinding Ball.
Our product has precise size, high hardness, high roundness and mechanical properties. It won't deform and crack during its service life. The surface hardness of our product can reach up to 57HRC to 67HRC, and volume hardness can reach up to 56HRC to 64HRC, the difference between the hardness of surface and center are no more than 2HRC. Besides, the impact toughness of our product is greater than 12J/cm2. Further more, the breakage rate of our product is no more than 1% and are close to 0. Our product are widely used in processing facilities such as the iron&steel plant, mineral processing plant, refractory material plant and phosphate fertilizer plant, etc. Above all, all of our products can be customized according to customers¡¯ requirements.

Listing ID: LA1189308
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Quantity Units Frequency
10,000 MT Month
Price Funds Per Unit
650 USD MT

NOTE : This is an archived listing and the details of the listing are outdated and no longer valid.
ID TYPE ITEMS ( Found : 475 ) DATE
LA1238695 Available NEW MANUFACTURED RAILSWAY STEEL. 2019-02-27 07:04:00
LA1235857 Available Cutlery. 2019-01-25 10:54:00
LA1230900 Available 5 foot T stakes. 2018-11-20 07:32:00
LW1226110 Wanted Fittings. 2018-09-21 09:43:00
LA1225211 Available Hydraulic Hose. 2018-09-07 04:52:00
LA1208411 Available Cast Iron Kettlebell. 2018-01-18 20:38:00
LA1206624 Available HMS 1&2 Heavy Metal Steel. 2017-12-26 21:56:00
LA1205404 Available kettlebell. 2017-12-07 21:09:00
LA1197769 Available Swivel Hoist Ring Nut. 2017-08-30 01:17:00
LA1197768 Available Side-pull swivel hoist ring. 2017-08-30 01:16:00
LA1197766 Available YDS Universal swivel hoist ring. 2017-08-30 01:11:00
LA1190708 Available shower floor waste. 2017-06-05 01:43:00
LA1190700 Available floor drain. 2017-06-04 23:17:00
LA1189308 Available Forged Steel Grinding Ball. 2017-05-12 21:11:00
LA1187068 Available stainless steel perforated smoker tube for BBQ. 2017-04-10 21:18:00
LA1186071 Available Electroformed nameplate. 2017-03-28 00:57:00
LA1185354 Available Steel Strapping Cargo control products. 2017-03-17 10:27:00
LW1185017 Wanted Tinplate square easy open lids.. 2017-03-13 18:40:00
LW1179126 Wanted LINE PIPE 12". 2016-12-21 06:06:00
LA1178288 Available Ferrous - HMS 1&2, MS turnings. 2016-12-10 05:36:00
LA1176893 Available Metal stamping. 2016-11-19 22:23:00
LA1172075 Available different sizes high chrome grinding steel cast iron ball. 2016-09-20 04:11:00
LA1171936 Available Butt Weld fittings. 2016-09-18 20:48:00
LA1171186 Available Industrial screens for aggregate classification . 2016-09-09 03:47:00
LA1169425 Available Forged & Casted Grinding Steel Ball. 2016-08-18 02:36:00
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